Jilly, Bridie, Rose and Merry Season were called the Four Seasons by their parents as a loving jest. Years later, the death of the youngest daughter, Merry, brings the remaining sisters back together.

Jilly has worked in Paris for the last two decades and Bridie is an MD with a husband and teenager. Rose had stayed in Chicago to look after Merry, who after a tragic accident was left with the mental capabilities of a child. After Merrys death, the sisters are given a letter from her, asking that they find Spring and give her their cherished family time capsule.

Spring was Jillys illegitimate baby who was given up for adoption 26 years ago. An open wound that never healed, the final request of their sister may force them to band together to face their past.

Moving, touching and beautifully drawn, the characters in this wonderful novel are compelling and true. Ms. Monroes skills as a teller of womens fiction are becoming quite exceptional. (Feb., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith