This amazing group of authors shares how love is sparked under unfamiliar circumstances. The tidy way these novellas are bound together makes this one of this reviewer’s all-time favorite anthologies. The most unexpected matches will make readers laugh and cry. The authors manage to draw our attention and deliver each love story in a quick, easy read. This collection is extremely entertaining and will make readers think back to their first kiss.

A group of traveling ministers tell these stories to a young, engaged preacher who’s contemplating a life-changing decision. In Connealy’s “Spitfire Sweetheart,” tomboy Maizy finds love unexpectedly when she injures her neighbor and must become his caregiver. Jack Ludgrove is brought in to take charge of Molly Everton’s father’s newspaper in Hatcher’s “Love Letter to the Editor.” Molly plans to make that difficult for him to accomplish, but as she gets to know him her feelings change. In Clopton’s “A Cowboy for Katie,” Katie Pearl is grieving great losses and a tornado has left her so skittish she shoots at anything before she knows what she’s doing. Will the man she’s hired to help on the ranch also help to rebuild her trust in others? Grace Davenport is arrested in Brownley’s “Courting Trouble” as a suspect in her husband’s death. Her son must convince attorney Brock Daniels that his mother is innocent and she’s a loving wife and mother despite what others believe. (THOMAS NELSON, Jun., 400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson