Mining engineer Matthew Tanner needs the best guide money can buy to get him from Reno to Denver with the ransom money to save his father's life. That guide is Fox.

Fox and Peaches, the man who raised her after she was abandoned, agree to escort Tanner. This will give Fox the opportunity to fulfill her vow to kill the man who deserted her.

The trip is arduous. Not only is the land against them, the Indians are as well. Tanner and Fox face one danger after another since the money they carry makes them targets for every thief in the territory. The greatest danger, however, comes from the mounting desire between them. Fox has no idea that Tanner is the son of the man she wants to kill until it is almost too late.

Osborne takes readers into the heart of a remarkable heroine who deserves our admiration and earns our adoration. Fox's raw emotions, Tanner's tenderness and compassion and Peaches' wisdom reach deep into our souls, drawing out a powerful response. You'll hold your breath, laugh, cry and sigh as you follow this memorable story to its wonderful end. SENSUAL (Dec., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin