Set in a time when women still are not considered equal, yet in the heat of the movement for suffrage, Robertson delivers a suspenseful tale of murder, sex, and deception. The courtroom drama plays well while the action outside the courtroom is even more exciting. The chemistry between Malachi and Emma, both in and out of the bedroom, forms a powerful bond that weathers its share of bumps and bruises. The romance is a delightful counterpoint to the action.

It’s the most sensational trial the county has ever witnessed. Alma Bentley outright confessed to the newspaperwoman that she murdered the son of a prestigious family. Defense attorney Malachi Rivers is furious with Emma Knight for printing Alma’s confession just when the trial is beginning. Emma is the daughter of pillars of the community who are mortified at her chosen profession and liberal beliefs. Alma is positive of her own guilt until some discrepancies emerge in her description of the events the night of the murder. Emma agrees to work with Malachi rather than against him and the couple becomes romantically involved. As they research the evidence, the pair unearths age-old secrets that shake up the town. (SELF-PUBLISHED, March 2012, dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown