Paige’s deep interest in Court borders on obsession. And if their roles were reversed, this would have been a very different kind of story. However, Court is never concerned with Paige’s somewhat unhealthy fixation on him. Court has the ability to read Paige’s mind and believes that she is the only good thing he has ever had in his life. The scenes where Court comes to realize that he is worthy of her love are touching, but Paige’s tendency to jump headfirst into situations before thinking them through is frustrating.

Paige Bromin fell in love with Court Lawson when she was only nine years old. The moody teenager saved her life and ever since then, Paige has watched him from afar. But when he is accused of being the Miners Bend Snatcher, she knows it is time to make her presence in his life known. Paige will give up everything to prove that Court is a good man, but will this loner with a huge secret be able to let her into his life? (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, Mar., dl. $5.95)

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Dawn Crowne