Betsy Devonshire, owner of a Minnesota needlework store, has become interested in the history of her adopted town, and goes to watch a team of experts bring a submerged pleasure liner, The Minnetonka, up from the bottom of the lake where she had been sunk in 1948. No one is prepared for what the workers find on boarda skeleton that has obviously been there for 50 years!

A police investigation reveals that the skeleton belonged to Trudie, the local bad girl who had allegedly disappeared with Carl Winters the year the liner sank. The police focus their attention on Martha, who was married to Carl when he disappeared.

The long-missing Carl, hearing that his wife is suspected of murder, returns to Minnesota, ostensibly to clear Martha. Before he can help, Carl is killed and the police have two connected murders, albeit with a 50-year difference, to investigate.

All of this piques Betsys interest. Mounting her own investigation, she uncovers a quagmire of secrets and passions that have been bubbling under the surface for 50 years. FRAMED IN LACE is a fine tale of murder in the past brought to the present. In addition, a needlepoint pattern of a butterfly is included. (Oct., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg