Image of Frankie's Back in Town


Image of Frankie's Back in Town
FRANKIE'S BACK IN TOWN (4) by Jeanie London: Back home in Bluestone, N.Y., after more than a decade away, Francesca Raffa (formerly bad-girl Frankie Cesarini) is running Greywacke Lodge, an assisted-living facility, and trying to make a life for herself, her daughter and her grandmother. But when a lost wallet at the lodge turns up an identity-theft ring, Frankie becomes a suspect. Fortunately, police chief Jack Sloan is on the case, and he's convinced Frankie is innocent. He's also convinced she's the perfect woman for him. London's well-paced story has colorful characters. The elderly ones, like Frankie's grandmother and Jack's grandfather, add a light touch to this tale, in spite of the thefts.
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Alexandra Kay