Anora Fraser is a woman with many secretssecrets that lead to lies and troubled times, but she must keep them to save her clan and estate, Evermyst, from the power-hungry man who will stop at nothing.

Running headlong into her future, Anora encounters a mysterious warrior who appears out of the mist. Fleeing for her life, she tumbles headlong down an embankment. When the MacGowan Rogues find the beautiful lass unconscious in the brambles, they take her into their hearts and home.

Giving a false name, Anora spins a tale of woe that has two of the brothers falling at her feet. But Ramsey MacGowan sees through the lovely girls lies. With his two brothers fighting over the privilege of escorting the lady home, Ramsey decides he must go along.

The journey is fraught with dangers as the dark warrior continues to stalk Anora. When they arrive at Evermyst, many of Anoras secrets are revealed, and try as he may, Ramsey cant deny his feelings for her. Adventure, love, and mystery blend beautifully in the pages of THE FRASER BRIDE. Lois Greiman has penned an engaging Highland tale of love, betrayal and trust. Im looking forward to the next story in the Highland Rogue series. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor