Humor is the mainstay of this delightfully steamy m/m romance between a young man discovering he’s gay and the man he wishes to share this experience with. An engaging storyline and witty dialogue will have readers laughing and wanting more as this frat boy tries to get his man.

Brad knew college would be life changing, but he never imagined the turn his life was about to take. Football player and frat boy, Brad begins to embrace his homosexuality while enjoying the college experience. He’s been with plenty of women, but the man he wants is his sexy history TA, Sebastian. Brad throws everything he has into making Sebastian notice him. But when Brad finally gets Sebastian in bed, he doesn’t know how to keep the other man there.

Sebastian likes Brad and enjoys expanding Brad’s sexual education, but isn’t sure a relationship is what either of them needs. When Brad realizes that his feelings aren't reciprocated, he decides to get on with his life and leaves. However, with Brad’s departure Sebastian learns the most important lesson of all. (RIPTIDE PUBLISHING, Mar., dl, $6.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson