Image of Freaky Green Eyes


Image of Freaky Green Eyes

Prolific author Joyce Carol Oates scores yet another hit with FREAKY GREEN EYES, her third book for the YA genre.

The story begins with the tale of Franky Pierson got her alter ego, Freaky. In true Oates style, it's not exactly a sweet, loving story. From there the real tale begins, and it's not about high school and girlfriends and crush-worthy boys—that's far too generic for this veteran writer. FREAKY GREEN EYES is about the Pierson family, specifically the parents. Reid Pierson is the best national sportscaster on television and Krista is his devoted, loving wife. At least, that's what the public thinks.

The book explores abuse victims' tendency to love the abuser, deny being abused and blame themselves for it all happening. Franky uses her tough and aloof "Freaky" self to cope with her parents' bizarre behavior. But then her mom goes missing and Franky is sucked into the adult world of a high-profile case. Oates helps us understand Franky's psyche and see the destructive behavior of those who are responsible—and those who simply can't handle the truth. (Sep., 352 pp., $16.99

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris