Image of Free Fall (Sisterhood, Book 7)


Image of Free Fall (Sisterhood, Book 7)

Michaels' latest Sisterhood novel sizzles with revenge and a scintillating plotline. Readers won't soon forget these captivating women - who let nothing get in the way of exacting justice against the men who have wronged them.

Yoko Akia and her friends have formed a group, the Sisterhood, that seeks vengeance against men who have gone unpunished by the law. Their latest target is Michael Lyons, who literally bought Yoko's mother in Japan and discarded her when she got pregnant.

The Sisters expose the sordid secrets of Lyons' associates as they confront him in a carefully orchestrated plot. Though it appears that they may become ensnared in the web of the criminal justice system, they're not caught for long. (Zebra, Oct., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick