Shy and reserved Cora Talmadge has finally agreed to go parachuting with her best friend Jenny.

What Cora doesnt know is that her best friend has an additional surpriseCoras jumping instructor will be Adrian de Vargas, her first love. Reluctantly she decides to jump, reasoning that if she is going to die, it will at least be in the arms of the only person she has ever loved.

The two, strapped together, seem to be falling for an inordinately long period of time. Suddenly a whirlwind picks them up and they are both transported into the past.

Adrian, welcomed like a long-lost relative, finds thats what he is. His father left him to the winds to be educated in order to save his people. Adrian, half-Spanish and half-Indian, feels right at home in his new surroundings. Cora, though finding it hard to believe that she has traveled through time, adjusts so she can be near Adrian.

Caught in the middle of Indian wars, with their knowledge of historical happenings, the two of them also begin to fall in love again. But where do they belong? In Adrians time or in Coras?

Ms. Piel has written an innovative story, blending history and romance into a sweet tale of renewed love. Diversity between time and culture adds both humor and danger. (Sep., 363 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer