Southern belle Crysta Amherst has been promised in marriage to a man she abhors. An educated advocate for womens rights, Crysta is not about to dominated by a cruel chauvinist. It seems to be providence that a teaching position falls into her hands the day she decides to run away.

She and her slave head west to her new job in a Tennessee frontier town. Drew Reardon, one of the founders of the Christian settlement, refuses to be intimidated by her seeming arrogance. When he learns her secret, he realizes he must ensure her safety. As Crysta falls in love with teaching and Tennessee, she also begins to see the ugliness of slavery.

Threading suffrage history with that of the antebellum South and stitching it all together with humor to temper the sobriety of the times, this third book in the Freedoms Hope series is certainly a heart quest. (Feb., 325 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair