Annie MacGregors tenacious spirit has sustained her through difficult circumstances, including being sold as a bond servant by her father, but can it carry her through a long arduous journey to the Tennessee wilderness alone? Shes scrimped and saved to buy dairy cows and bees for a farm of her own, but now that her dream is within reach, Isaac Ike Reardon will not let her join his wagon train without a man to manage her team and a musket.

Ike Reardon comes from a well established family, so has used his land payment for serving in the Revolutionary War to build a fort and hopefully launch a settlement. He dreams of that settlement expanding into a prosperous town in the newly opened Tennessee territory.

Freedoms promise doesnt come without struggle. The pioneers encounter Indians, unscrupulous opportunists and difficult traveling conditions. The story is a bit clichi, but the characters are colorful. Readers interested in frontier women should enjoy this book. (Mar., 312 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair