In the final book of Kritzer's Dead Rivers trilogy, Lauria finds herself held captive by the Sisterhood of the Weavers in the city of Penelopeia, while Tamar is on the steppes with the Alashi. Accepted back into the Alashi, Tamar pleads Lauria's case and, with Janiya and Alibek, sets out to find Lauria while sowing discord among the Sisterhood.

Lauria eventually escapes from Penelopeia with the help of one of her guards, Xanthe, and the rogue sorceress Zivar. She had been indirectly sent to help by Tamar, who is still trying to infiltrate the Younger Sisters, a group of Weavers unhappy with the Sisterhood.

Lauria and Tamar remain compelling protagonists, even though they spend much of the book apart. Lauria learns that the djinni have their own reasons for wanting her to free the rivers, and their reasons will have a direct bearing on her continued existence. The story feels rushed at the end, with events piling on top of each other, and the resolution of the relationship arcs is vaguely unsatisfying. (Aug., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs