Image of Freefall: A High Risk Novel


Image of Freefall: A High Risk Novel

Ross kicks off a searing new trilogy by delving deep into the damaged souls of her two protagonists. Not only does this story follow the trail of a dangerous killer, it also focuses on the strength of purpose required to rebuild shattered lives. All the patented Ross sizzle and drama make this time well spent!

Two natives of Swann Island, S.C., return home after suffering from both physical and mental wounds. Ex-SEAL Zach Tremayne's stint in Afghanistan leaves him with survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder. Hotel manager Sabrina Swann returns home after her grandmother's sudden death and a terrorist bombing in Italy that nearly killed her. Sabrina's childhood crush on Zach is an embarrassment, but the attraction is still hot enough to strike sparks. Picking up the pieces of their lives might be easier if they lean on each other. But their homecoming is marred by a clever and dangerous serial killer, who is delighting in terrorizing the local residents. (SIGNET, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith