The story’s plot allows for creative worldbuilding and interesting character interaction, but the author misses the opportunity to develop either the futuristic world or her hero and heroine. Nadia is supposedly a powerful witch warrior, but she is so weak and vulnerable she cannot even protect herself much less anyone else. As for the hero, the mystery surrounding his past with a previous woman is clichéd and tedious. While the premise of the book is strong, the poor execution and rushed storytelling cannot hold readers’ interest.

In the future, the world has shifted on its axis making it permanent winter over almost the entire globe. Nadia, a powerful witch, has been trapped in the frozen tundra where her magic does not work. Shane Sullivan, a werewolf, purposefully lives above the freeze line so that his powers cannot be unleashed. Shane is Nadia’s only hope to make it back to the equator where she can be reunited with her sister and regain her magic. But their journey will be treacherous as men are hunting the witch and do not care if she is protected by a wolf. (Carina Press, December 2010, dl. $2.99) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne