Image of Freezing Point


Image of Freezing Point

Dionne is going to be an
author to be reckoned
with if her debut novel is
any indication. A fascinating blend of
science fiction and fact, it weaves a
great deal of information into a complex story of environmentalism, greed and potential Armageddon. Its ingenious plot, genuine characters, superlative writing and nail-biting suspense
will change the way you look at a
bottle of water.

Environmentalist and engineer Ben Maki sees the possibilities for Earth's future in a mountain-sized iceberg. If the Soldyne Corporation can tap into the ice, it can provide clean drinking water for millions, and if the company's vision isn't all philanthropic, well, there are always trade-offs. But environmental terrorist Rebecca Sweet lives for her cause -- free, fresh water for everyone -- and she will do anything to stop Soldyne.

As their private battle escalates, a group of researchers on a frozen tundra are drawn into that private war. As the body count rises, the terror escalates and, ultimately, it's up to Maki and two brilliant and plucky scientists to put the clues together to prevent worldwide disaster. (Jove, Oct., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper