When prim and proper Liz Marsh suspects her fiancé of being unfaithful, she enlists the help of sexy P.I. Jack Wade. Together they follow a trail that leads to a strip club in the French Quarter, where Liz's fiancé is indulging in lap dances and private rendezvous with strippers. To her surprise, Liz experiences relief. For the first time in her life she feels free to explore her own seductive fantasies, and Jack looks like the perfect man to accompany her on a sensual sexual odyssey.

Alexander ignites the pages with book 1 of her Hot in the City trilogy. This promises to be one of those rare series where the reader is immediately ravenous for the next installment. Beware, fainthearted readers! This deliciously decadent story delivers explicit monogamous, multiple-partner and same-sex liaisons. (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell