When thief extraordinaire Nick Jarrett (aka the Scorpion) is finally caught by the FBI, he's in the middle of a case where he's refused to commit murder on behalf of Karim Benazier. With help from a childhood friend turned FBI agent, Tristan Stewart, Nick Jarrett "dies" and undercover operative Luc Tremont is born. In making his deal with the FBI, Nick/Luc hopes to one day be able to return home to the U.S.

Following the unexpected suicide of her beloved friend and mentor, Dr. Janine Coulter finds herself in charge of the extraordinary exhibition of the Pompadour Plum Vases at Versailles. Janine suspects something is up when head of security Luc Tremont tries to ensure that the vases are kept away from the general public.

After years of trying to take down Karim Benazier, Luc is finally close to baiting the trap. However, the determined Dr. Coulter is about to throw a major spanner into the works. With Plan A blown to hell, Luc is going to have to come up with Plan B quickly.

Hot author St. Claire is back with more action, adventure and romance. This caper story races along from one exciting venue to another. Great reading. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith