Image of Freudian Slip


Image of Freudian Slip

Orloff has two greatly important writing traits -- she's both wise and delightfully entertaining. Her charming, compelling and completely enjoyable story about the universal mysteries
of life, love and our eternal purpose
is emotionally riveting. Look for a
quiet place to devour this book,
where tears of joy can be fearlessly shed.

Katie Darby is having one bad day. The anniversary of her father's death is pending, she finds her boyfriend in the arms of her best friend, her apartment is robbed and her beloved dog runs away. To top it off, she's begun to hear voices, and they're making her do things she wouldn't normally do.

Julian Shaw has lived a debauched life and made quite a profit from it. He's also made a few enemies. When one of those enemies shoots him, he enters a coma. Instead of being allowed to rest, he gets an assignment: Make Katie's life better. If he succeeds, he'll get his life back and a free pass to turn things around. When the assignment turns out to be more difficult than expected, Julian may just sell his soul to spend the rest of his life with Katie. (HQN, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton