Image of From Friend To Father (#1568)


Image of From Friend To Father (#1568)

FROM FRIEND TO FATHER (4) by Tracy Wolff: When Sarah Martin's best friend, Vanessa, dies in a car crash, things become very complicated for the single mother of twin boys: She's carrying a baby for Vanessa and her husband, Reece Sandler. Unable to deal with the death of his wife and the reality of a baby he wasn't sure he wanted, Reece spends several months gathering up the courage to see Sarah and his new daughter, Rose. Deciding to take responsibility for his choices, Reece moves in with Sarah, and soon they're battling their mutual attraction and the guilt it provokes. Wolff smartly depicts Sarah's and Reece's struggles and emotions, particularly when baby Rose becomes sick and both parents despair over her well-being.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay