From the time they were in elementary school Lisa Vopilska, Meredith Guzzi and Ann Rogoff swore to be friends forever, even going so far as to invent their own theme song. Over the years they have stayed close and have maintained a monthly ritual of having dinner together at the Lucky Wok.

When they were all single, it was easy to stay close, but Lisa, now a doctor, has decided to marry fellow physician Eric Zinn. This might not have been a problem, except neither Meredith nor Ann can stand him.

None of the women have their act fully together; Meredith has just recently broken off her relationship with a much older married man, and Ann has suddenly decided that she's a lesbian. The friendships manage to survive until the day Ann and Meredith admit to Lisa they think Eric is acting like a jerk. Lisa is outraged and breaks off all contact with them.

Meredith becomes a minor celebrity by appearing on a local TV station and Ann throws herself fully into the gay lifestyle, becoming an activist. Ann and Meredith soon discover, however, that Lisa is the lynch pin that has held their friendship together for so many years. They miss and need her in their lives, so if they are to keep these vital relationships connected, Lisa will have to learn to forgive them. Can they repair the bonds of friendship they swore would last forever?

Author Meg Wolitzer delivers a whimsical and wacky tale of friends, lovers and modern relationships. (Aug., 256pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith