Barth's latest is a fun, fast read. Readers will delight in the loop Gib is thrown for, as his feelings for Daphne grow and change. The group dynamic is lighthearted and enjoyable, and readers will sympathize as Daphne struggles to get to her happy ending.

Successful business owner and wedding florist Daphne Lovell has a thing for her best friend, the sexy Gibson Moore. Only Gib doesn't seem to think of her that way. So when the lights go out at a New Year's wedding the group is working, Daphne seizes her chance and kisses Gib. It's as good as she thought — no, it's better. But when the lights come back on, Gib is desperate to find his mystery woman, never even considering it could be Daphne. Will these two figure out their feelings for each other? With the trials of transitioning from friends to lovers, and the toll it takes the group, plus a rival florist causing trouble, Daphne must come into her own — in more ways than one. (CARINA PRESS, Oct., dl $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno