Image of The Fright of the Iguana (Kendra Ballantyne)


Image of The Fright of the Iguana (Kendra Ballantyne)

This time out, pet sitter, lawyer and super sleuth Kendra Ballantyne is juggling two careers and two love interests while solving mysterious pet-nappings. There are plenty of suspects and colorful characters to keep the story moving, but the mystery is a little weak in places. Kendra's conflicting love interests add drama, though, and the ending is a cliff-hanger that will leave readers looking forward to the next book.

Kendra is dismayed to learn that Saurus the iguana and Zibble the pooch have been pet-napped from one of her high-profile clients during her watch. She's even more disturbed when she learns there have been several pet-nappings in the area. Enlisting the help of her P.I. boyfriend, Jeff Hubbard, and her fellow members of the Pet-Sitters Club of SoCal, Kendra tries to track down the missing critters.

Soon the situation turns deadly when a pet-sitter is found dead and the president of the pet-sitters club is the prime suspect. Kendra now has to catch a killer and bring her animal friends home safely. (BERKLEY PRIME CRIME, Oct., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin