Jennifer L. Armentrout, writing here as J. Lynn, is a worthy addition to the new adult genre. Frigid is a welcome departure from some of the more well-trod NA tropes. Sydney and Kyler are simply well developed, realistic characters who just happen to have very hot sex (younger readers, consider yourself warned). A surprise suspense subplot adds to the fun. A winner!

Sydney’s always had feelings for her best friend, hottie Kyler. Kyler’s had feelings, well, for just about every female on campus. Thinking of moving on with someone new, Sydney’s plans are derailed when she and Kyler are snowed in together at a ski lodge. As things get steamy indoors and a blizzard rages outside — is someone watching, ready to strike? (SPENCERHILLPRESS.COM, dl $2.99, 18 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno