A Christmas anthology should hold all the magic and joy of the season and that's just what A FRONTIER CHRISTMAS does.

Harvey Girl Lily MacKenzie barges into Sheriff Grady's home and life, determined to bring the wounded man and his kids the hope and faith he lost after his wife's death in Ana Leigh's exceptionally heartwarming The MacKenzies: Lily.

Carolyn Davidson brings the true meaning of Christmas into the lovely A Time for Angels.. Honey works hard on the farm and also cares for her little sister, Hope. A stranger's arrival brings surprises and love.

Mountie Logan Sutcliffe left his new wife right after the ceremony to chase after rustlers. Everyone thinks he's dead, but Logan makes The Long Journey Home to reclaim his wife in this tender, emotional love story by Kate Bridges.

(Nov., 369 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin