Elena Michaels's journey has been one of the strongest points of the compelling Women of the Otherworld series. Now Armstrong sets her on a new and influential path in this arctic adventure. The icy, wild setting gives this tale a special edge. It seems there's more in the wilderness than even the werewolves dreamed of. Armstrong outdoes herself again!

Juggling their pack duties and parenting preschoolers has kept Elena and Clay hopping. Leaving the kids is tough, but when Jeremy hears about supposed human "wolf" kills in Anchorage, he feels Elena and Clay must check it out. Soon they realize something is seriously wrong in the woods. Not only are men being killed, but some women have disappeared too. The likely culprits are a band of vicious rogues, led by the Tesler brothers. But after Elena and Clay have a run-in with a "monster" in the woods, they realize something else is stalking the wilderness. (BANTAM, Oct., 352 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith