Frozen provides likable characters in dire situations and leaves readers guessing, until the surprise twist at the end about just who is responsible for all of the mayhem. While on this basic level, it is a great read for mystery lovers, the writing fails to achieve the right level of suspense, dragging the novel out a little longer than necessary.

All Bryce Grantham wanted when he came to his family’s isolated cabin in northern Wisconsin was a quiet vacation away from his life in Milwaukee. But after a woman he meets at a bar winds up missing, his quiet vacation becomes anything but. He becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation led by Detective Ellie Macintosh. She’s been trying to find a serial killer for months with no clues to go on until Bryce, whom she’s inexplicably attracted to, starts stumbling across the dead bodies of women who have been missing for a long time everywhere he turns. Now she must decide: Does she try to defend Bryce’s innocence, or does she charge him with murder? (TOR, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren DuBois