Surprising twists keep the adrenaline level high in the fourth Terran Realm adventure. Dee knows how to create flawed characters struggling with real issues, and readers will empathize with the protagonists, whose weaknesses have led them to make unwise choices. The main couple has an electric physical attraction, and mild sadomasochism and anal sex raise the temperature. Secondary characters play an important role; expect to see them return.

Justin Foster is a Terran Protector who works for KOTE, but is secretly helping their enemy, Destroyer Raymond Brody. He hates everything the man stands for, but he's under Brody's control, thanks to former lover, Elyse. When KOTE orders Justin to investigate Brody's religious retreat, he's expected to resume his past relationship with Elyse to gain information. All he has to do is seduce her. Meanwhile, Brody orders Elyse to feed Justin bogus information. All she has to do is seduce him. When these two explosive characters get together they could save the world -- or destroy it.

(, dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski