In this second Hyperlinkz outing, pre-teen siblings Austin and Ashley Webster, from Normal, Illinois, are still trapped in the World Wide Web. They were transported inside the Internet via a strange digital camera bought at a garage sale. And they are not the only human "internauts" zipping through cyberspace. Mattie Blankenskrean represents a powerful organization dedicated to cleansing the Internet of anything to do with Christian faith. She chases the kids from website to website, determined to recover her handheld computer and continue with her erasure business.

With Ms. Blankenskrean hot on their trail, Austin and Ashley frantically try to catch up with their missing pooch, Applet, and somehow beam themselves back to Normal. Elmer's imaginative adventure in cyberspace is sure to delight kids 8 and up with zany antics, snappy dialogue and nonstop action. These books would make cool stocking stuffers! (May, 120 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson