Her parents' death had been difficult enough... then she discovered she'd been adopted. Next, a security consultant shows up to tell her even that is a lie. She'd been kidnapped. Now he must keep her safe long enough to discover the truth. In TRUE HEARTS (4.5), talented Maggie Ferguson tells a fast paced story with depth and energy that will leave you breathless.

Fleeing a stalker, a psychologist thinks her safest bet is accepting a job on a top-secret government project on a secured base. Then she meets the subject of her job-a handsome man with no past being prepared for something she doesn't understand. NOWHERE MAN (4.5), Ruth Glick's solo excursion as Rebecca York is an exciting read where she imparts information on a need-to-know basis.

A freelance journalist, responding to a letter from an old friend, travels to see her and her hotelier husband. What she finds are questions, mystery and an attraction to which she has no right-to her friend's husband. With numerous twists and turns, THE ONLY MAN TO TRUST (3) by Grace Green is a tough puzzle that readers will enjoy trying to solve.

Convicted of murder and having lost custody of his young son, a former architect's chance to escape creates a possible solution and even bigger problems. His son's former foster mother might be the only option for the FUGITIVE FATHER (2). Though the story is slightly convoluted, Jean Barrett keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson