This is the concluding fourth tale in the Maitland Maternity series and was originally published as a direct-mail-only title. Mimi's ranching escapades are delightfully hilarious, and Garrett and Mimi's sweet journey is touchingly poignant.

When Garrett Lord finds Mimi, a runaway bride, hiding in his hayloft, his first inclination is to toss her out. Instead, he makes a wager with her.

Garrett agrees to give Mimi a three - day trial run as a ranch hand. If she can cut it, she can temporarily hide out at the ranch from her scheming fiancé. If she fails, she has to return to her home in Austin. Garrett secretly hopes she will turn tail and run, because something tells him this blue-eyed bride spells trouble.

(Jun., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell