Image of Full Blooded (Jessica McClain)


Image of Full Blooded (Jessica McClain)

Carlson introduced her feisty heroine Jessica McClain — the world’s only female werewolf — in a novella published in May, and both author and protagonist are in fine form here. Family dynamics, werewolf politics and dire prophecy combine to great effect in this fast-paced adventure. If this book is any indication, Carlson has a bright future. As this novel ends with a cliff-hanger, we can only hope the next installment arrives in short order!

Because of the Cain Myth, which alleges that the birth of the lone female werewolf will bring doom upon their entire race, Jessica’s very existence is a huge bone of contention among the werewolf population. If her father was not the alpha of the U.S. Northern Territories, she most likely would have been killed years ago. To ease the strain, Jessica has been living away from the Pack under an assumed name. When she suddenly manifests the ability to shift to wolf form, things quickly get out of hand. Jessica can no longer remain hidden and various parties are gunning for her … including the legendary mercenary Colin Rourke. Even though the odds are stacked against her, Jessica won’t go down without a fight. (ORBIT, Sep., 352 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith