Three years ago, Annie Fortenberry's husband took off after cleaning out their savings account. In the interim, she's been trying to turn her family's old mansion into the Peachtree bed and breakfast. At the moment she's gearing up to host the long-awaited marriage of Jamie Swift and Max Holt.

Wes Bridges is an ex-cop turned P.I. hired by Charles Fortenberry's mother to find her missing son. Wes' introduction to Annie and the rest of her crazy residents is a tad painful—he manages to get hit on the head twice.

Wes no sooner rents a room at the Peachtree when a body is found buried on the property. It turns out to be the long-missing Charles, and everything is thrown into chaos. Annie is the prime suspect, but Wes knows she is incapable of killing. So who killed Charles and why?

Nothing can ever go smoothly in Beaumont, and you can be sure that craziness will ensue. The writing duo of Evanovich and Hughes excels at developing offbeat characters and situations that are ripe for rip-roaring, hysterical fun. (Apr., 356 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith