At loose ends because her young son and daughter are on vacation with her ex-husband, Billie Pearce decides to learn something completely new… Polo. So Billie doggedly signs up for lessons at wealthy Nick Kaharchek's polo school. Her first lesson is a complete disaster that ends when Billie gets stepped on by her horse.

Nick is not sure what to make of Billie, as she has suburban housewife written all over her. When he takes her to the emergency room, Nick has a brainstorm.

Billie should probably have someone at the house with her, at least initially, and Nick is desperate to get his flighty cousin Deedee out of his house… Why not send Deedee to stay with Billie? Before Billie quite knows how it happened, she is suddenly hosting the irrepressible Deedee and all her luggage. Deedee is about to marry wrestling star Frankie the Assassin, but refuses to move in with him before the marriage. Nick is having his own problems with Deedee's teenage brother Max, who currently resides with Nick and is trying to make political statements by blowing up things on the estate.

Insanity is running rampant and Billie and Nick are caught in the flow. When you then add in potent sexual attraction…you have a highly combustible mix.

First published as a short novel in 1987, Janet Evanovich—in collaboration with friend and fellow author Charlotte Hughes—has revamped and expanded FULL HOUSE into a truly delightful madcap mix. The blend of these two authors' trademark humor makes for a fun, funny and exhilarating romp. (Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith