Image of Full House Seduction (Kimani Romance)


Image of Full House Seduction (Kimani Romance)
FULL HOUSE SEDUCTION (4.5) by A.C. Arthur: Noelle Vincent has come a long way since her sister bailed her out of a casino debt. Now she's managing an extension of that same casino. Loner Brock Remington is still dealing with the tragedy that befell his biological family when he was a child. The successful builder of his cousin's casino, he impatiently awaits Noelle's arrival. Neither counts on their instant attraction and they fight it with a passion, Noelle because of disastrous past relationships, Brock because of his traumatic past. Arthur marvelously shows a more mature Noelle, who won't allow past mistakes to shape her future. Her portrayal of Brock's tragic childhood and his resolve, somewhat reluctantly, to move past it, is awesome!
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims