Image of The Full Moon Bride


Image of The Full Moon Bride

Bantwal takes on a difficult subject in her latest novel: arranged marriages and how the tradition fits into the modern world. The details of life as an Indian-American are vivid and telling, but the book becomes less enjoyable with a heroine that is petulant, immature and mean by turns.

Soorya Giri’s career is flourishing but her love life is not. She’s a 30-something virgin who desperately wants to be married. During her latest “bride viewing,” she’s introduced to Rajesh “Roger” Vadepalli, who may not be ready to wed, but he continues to show up in her life. While Soorya tries to deny her attraction to him, she is drawn into a flirtation with a widowed colleague. All of this attention makes her uncomfortable and prickly, which leads her to lash out at those around her. She must acknowledge the hurts she has caused before she can follow her heart to happiness. (KENSINGTON, Aug., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison