When his brother, Peter, is killed and he is marked by a werewolf, Dr. Johnny Bradfordini follows Peter's instructions and locates the Gerhardt Circus to find the demon murderer.

Renowned tiger trainer Emmaline Moore knows that the circus has been stalked by a mysterious beast for months, killing a member of their "family" on the night of the full moon. Though they have tried, the circus people have not been able to uncover the identity of the killer. Thus, when her grandfather hires Johnny, Emmaline is wary.

When another performer is killed suspicion falls on Johnny, but by now Emmaline has begun to fall in love with the stranger. Even though he has his secrets, she cannot deny her growing passion. To Johnny, Emmaline is the sunlight while he must walk in darkness until the curse can be broken and he can prove his innocence.

Johnny is forced to reveal the truth to Emmaline and when she learns that the only way to break the curse is to kill the beast she is torn between love and fear. As the full moon rises Emmaline, the circus people and Johnny begin the final and frightening hunt to unmask the werewolf and save Johnny's soul.

Despite the inherent terror usually associated with a werewolf novel Lori Handeland's tale loses some of its suspense because the reader has been told of his part in the killings. Still, romance readers seeking a paranormal tale or who enjoy a circus setting will find FULL MOON DREAMS and unique read. (July, 390 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin