When she was a teenager, Dr. Maggie Davenport made the mistake of thinking she liked bad boy Carl Lee Stanton. The only good thing to come from that time is Maggie's 13-year-old daughter, Mel.

Carl has proven to be both deadly and dangerous as he went to prison for robbing a bank and killing an FBI agent. The last thing Maggie wants to hear is that Carl has escaped and is most likely headed back to Beaumont, S.C., for the missing money ... and revenge.

A little worse for wear from his last undercover case, FBI agent Zack Madden jumps at the opportunity to head to Beaumont to deal with Carl. A pretty laidback guy, Zack finds he fits right in with the offbeat denizens of the town -- and he also finds his charge, Maggie, way too attractive for comfort. Usually keeping an eye out for strangers is easy, but with the Elvis convention in town, things are even more nuts than usual.

Beaumont is once again the center of wackiness and fun in this newest romp from the dynamic team of Evanovich and Hughes. Most of the usual suspects from the previous "Full" books are ready for action, and this story has a touch of suspense as well as the customary hilarity. Always a winner! (Apr., 346 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith