Having just survived almost being plugged by a hitman, Jamie Swift and Max Holt should be enjoying a romantic getaway. Instead, Jamie finds herself stranded in the middle of Tennessee. Granted, Max only had her safety in mind when he refused to allow her to track down a potentially crooked evangelist, but Jamie has every right to follow the biggest story of her career.

That story is in Sweet Pea, Tennessee, and so is Jamie (despite Max putting his foot down). Since Max suspects that the Reverend Harlan Rawlins is the man who hired the hitman to kill him, he's already taken steps to infiltrate and gather intel. Max also worries that Harlan may be connected to the infamous Santoni crime family, which could complicate matters even further.

The dynamic, sexy and hilarious duo of Jamie and Max are at it again. When you get these two together there are bound to be sparks and calamities. Hold on for the ride! (Sep., 346 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith