When reclusive multimillionaire inventor Max Holt heads to Beaumont, SC, to visit his sister DeeDee and her husband, Frankie, he never expects to get shot at. It must be the company he's keeping. His brother-in-law, Frankie Fontana, former wrestler known as Frankie the Assassin, is running for Mayor of Beaumont and has been receiving hate mail.

Max has one connection in town; he became a silent partner in the local paper when its owner, Jamie Swift, hit rough financial waters. Stopping in to check on his investment seems like a good idea. The already pathetic-looking offices take on an even worse-for-wear look when the front windows are blown out in a drive-by shooting. As both Max and Jamie are standing in front of the windows at the time, it is difficult to gauge who the real target was. With Frankie running for office and threatening to dig deep into the town's current finances, odds are someone is afraid that Max and his limitless resources will uncover issues.

Watch out, the wild and wacky world first introduced in Full House returns with Max's story. Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes excel at delivering outrageous situations that are chock full of over-the-top characters and humor. (Feb., 347 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith