Graham Winter must find a mate to remain head of his family. Unfortunately, all the women he meets bore him—until he finds Melissa Jane Roper.

Melissa's dated some real animals, but Graham gives new meaning to the word. After a mind-blowing night of sex, Graham reveals he's the alpha werewolf of the Silverback clan. He explains further that she's his soul mate. Melissa isn't keen on being the mate of a werewolf—she's never even owned a pet! But after just one look and sniff, Graham knows they are destined to be together forever. Now all he has to do is convince Melissa—and he knows just how to do that.

FUR FACTOR has crisp writing, strong conflict and fast-flying quips, but it's the red-hot sensuality that will put readers on the edge of their seats. Make sure you have a cold glass of water and a fan handy! (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen