Image of Fury of Desire (Dragonfury Series)


Image of Fury of Desire (Dragonfury Series)

Action, adventure and a sassy attitude light up this fabulous take on the classic battle of good vs. evil. Callahan entertains readers right from the beginning, adding a dose of treachery as the book progresses. The redemption of two tortured souls as they strive for happiness makes for enjoyable reading.

Raised as a fight club slave, Wick had no choice but to scrap for his survival. He’s now in a prison of his own making, unable to tolerate the touch of others. When he’s sent in to rescue J.J. Solares, his best-laid plans go awry. She’s the sister of a woman mated to one of his kind, so failure to save her is not an option. J.J. is severely wounded and needs the care of the Nightfury pack. After a harrowing escape, Wick discovers he’s feeding J.J. his healing energy. He’s reluctant to release her to the care of the medical staff, but as the fight with the Razorback dragons continues, he must get his head in the game and join the fracas. (MONTLAKE, Oct., 392 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown