Readers will love the idea of looking at Facebook from the perspective of someone who has never used the Internet before! While the plot gets a bit clichéd in parts, this novel twist combines with interesting characters for a good read.

When Emma’s longtime neighbor and former best friend drops off the AOL CD his mom got in the mail, Emma decides to try it out. It’s 1996, and she just got a computer from her dad. When she logs in to AOL, another website pops up, called Facebook, and it seems to show her life — 15 years in the future! She and Josh begin to toy with the idea and with how it affects their tension-filled present. It seems that even the smallest changes in their present can affect their future happiness, but what if they like what the future holds and don’t want it to change? More importantly, what can they learn from their future selves that will change their present? (RAZORBILL, Nov., 368 pp., $18.99, HC, ISBN: 9781595144911, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller