Two years ago, Jolie made the worst mistake of her life. She traded in her childhood sweetheart, Det. Jake Malone, for Chris—a prince who morphed into a lying, cheating sleaze. Shortly after they married, Jolie discovered her odious spouse was stealing money from her mother and the other investors in their software company.

She finds unexpected salvation from three ladies who slip her an invitation to join The Future Widows' Club. This secret society lends a helping hand to victimized wives and prepares them for the happy day when widowhood frees them from their matrimonial hell.

When her no-good husband turns up dead in the shower, Jolie becomes a suspect. To make matters worse, sexy Jake is on the case, asking lots of hard questions and making Jolie hot and bothered. Can Jolie give him the answers he wants without outing the secretive future widows?

Nelson spins a page-turning delight filled with Southern wit, sizzling sexual tension and a wacky whodunit. The plot is wonderfully original and peopled with a host of eclectic characters. A definite keeper! (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell