Collins is a member of the elite time-travel division of the Department of Historical Undertakers in the year 2330. His assignment is to visit the year 2006 and stop a near murder.

His job is to last only two days, and he isn't supposed to encounter any people, but an attack by anti-timeys sends him back through time before his preparations are complete. When Collins is injured, Candy, a female he finds quite beautiful in an uncivilized way, comes to his aid. Now he must complete his mission and return to the future before he breaks all the rules and becomes physically and emotionally involved with her.

This is a fast-moving story with likable characters and a nice portrayal of the hero's innocence. But the story was too short, limiting character development and explanation of why the future developed as it did. The ending seems a bit rushed, leaving a feeling of dissatisfaction. (dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley