To all appearances, part-time college student Juicy Stanfield is living the good life with her boyfriend Granite "G" Mckay, one of Harlem's most feared drug lords. Most women envy her but only a few know of her inner turmoil.

When fate throws her a bone, Juicy begins to see the light and realize that there just may be a way for her to get away from "G"—and live to tell about it.

G-Spot: An Urban Erotic Tale is a sexy novel with loads of action. Despite her rash antics, Juicy is an intelligent young woman. Noire graphically details the drama of a young woman caught up in a materialistic lifestyle. Tastefully written, this urban novel is engrossing without being overwhelming. (Jan., 301 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton