Kally is a straitlaced, blonde FBI special agent whose structured life is shaken up by the sexy Gabe Blackhawk—a Native American SWAT leader she meets on a case involving an abortion clinic bomber.

From their first meeting, Kally and Gabe are head over heels about one another. Their passion quickly swells with the intensity and danger of the case as they have run-ins with the bomber, who has now focused his attention on Kally. Meanwhile, their different backgrounds cause some concerns about a future together. But, before they can consider the future, they must first catch the bomber.

This passionate love story is charming. Gabe is the to-die-for dream man only found in romance novels, and Kally is a tough, modern woman who doesn't wait around for the hero to save her. The sizzling sex scenes and delicious romance between the two will leave readers yearning for their own fairy- tale love story. A great read! (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Schaefer