As the Reign of Terror holds Paris in its bloody grasp, Gabrielle de Saint-Germain is caught in a dangerous game. Dressed as a servant the aristocratic young woman is searching for a fabulous jewel in order to free her mother from prison.

U.S. Ambassador to France Jason Trace distrusts women, especially French women, yet he is intrigued by the stunning maid he finds in his room and woos into his bed. When Gabrielle needs rescuing he brings her to America on a voyage fraught with sexual tension.

In a world rife with terror, Jason provides refuge. Though Gabrielle is falling in love with Trace, her guilt over leaving her mother to face the guillotine shadows her new life. And when an unplanned pregnancy forces their marriage, pride and mistrust have them playing a sensuous cat and mouse game. Only after a chilling and surprising climax do these stubborn lovers realize the truth.

Veronica Sattler captures you instantly and never lets go in another brilliant romance. With the same breathtaking prose and spell-binding romance that have made her other books "keepers," she brings another pair of passionate characters to life. GABRIELLE is an unforgettable romance, a treasure from Ms. Sattler. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin